Our logo says it all. Flossing is the most neglected part of one’s Hygiene. Most people do not floss daily. This continues even to this day. So we have decided to do something about it by bringing dentist’s and patients together. We are a subscription company with focus on flossing only. We as an organization is looking to improve dental hygiene thereby avoiding complications and promoting dental Health across our country for all our citizens. This is the way how to get it done. As we all know prevention is better than care.

In today’s cosmetic era, we all want to look pretty for other people and cameras but are not concerned about the overall health aspect of our bodies. We are in fact applying makeup to mask disease. Crowns, bridges, implants have become a common way of life in which case we are busy building houses but neglecting the foundations on which our houses are standing on. Which is often diseased or even compromised. This is where our panel of licensed Dentist’s and Hygienists come in. They have agreed to floss for you and are looking forward to serving all your Dental Healthcare needs for years to come. We are bombarded daily with ads promising wrinkle free skin etc. but no one is addressing the underlying problem. In fact we are applying bandage to a deep seated problem. By getting flossed or flossing right on your own, the underlying problem is addressed. EVERYONE should be getting flossed. With the increasing number of sugar in our foods, combining with sodas , not flossing , not brushing right and consuming other junk food , it is a perfect recipe for dental caries, and gum disease.

All we see in our mouth is the part of teeth that is sticking out from the gums. There is a whole world below the gums. This is where the damage occurs to supporting bone when gums are not taken care of. Everyone has some form of gum disease at any given point of time- Mild, moderate or severe. No one is free of gum disease. It silently destroys supporting bone from below . Above and below the gums, if flossing is not done, it is common to see gum disease worsen and multiple new cavities form between the teeth. Gums bleed when there is inflammation or infection. But you need to go in with the floss to have it cleaned and out of your mouth. Professionals gets the job done better than anyone else.

Flossing is not indicated if a tooth is ready to pop out in any minute. It is done to sustain and maintain Oral Health. Studies have proven a strong link between gum disease and Heart disease. So it is wise for each and every one of us to do the flossing ourselves daily or have it done for us professionally by Dentists and Hygienists. Flossing on a daily basis do not loosen teeth or get it pulled out. Our teeth is suspended in the jaw bone via multiple hammocks which act as shock absorbers. Hence there is mild movement around each teeth. This enables the teeth to move while flossing or to absorb a certain degree of shock during a fall.

Everyone with teeth are supposed to do flossing on a daily basis. But 99 % of people do not floss or do it the right way. Because no one was taught how to floss by anyone including their dentist from years back. But today we are more aware. But the same exists to this day- no one flosses nor do it right. The 1% who claim they do are not doing it right. Flossing is techniques sensitive requiring the flosser to know the anatomy of the tooth and the root along with the supporting structures. But not everyone are dentists. So you know the answer. So the answer is a few do most don’t.

Flossing is the most basic but it also is the most neglected. There is no incentive for prevention or to floss for a patient. This is the main reason it is not getting done on all patients. We have created this SSOLFO website to connect Dentists and their patients to solve this very problem of lack of flossing that has been inherent in our society for the past many decades. Getting flossed is not expensive. This is why we have partnered with dentists and Hygienists to provide you just that a very reasonable cost of $99 for 4 flossing sessions, that is $25 per session. We have done our part. Now it’s your turn.

You can invest in your 4 flossing sessions for $99 by going to our website, selecting from our panel of Dentist’s, pay the $99. An email with your voucher will be emailed to you to the email on record. This will have a special number with all the details of you and your selected dentist office. You are now ready to make your appointment with your selected panel dentist office and getting your flossing sessions done by Dentist or a Hygienist.

With this exclusive pricing of $99 for 4 flossing sessions, it is only valid if you use any of the dentists within our panel of Dentist’s listed on our website Our voucher is valid only within our exclusive panel. They have agreed to accept this fee for the 4 sessions to provide you this service. But you are free to go to any other dentist outside our panel . SSOLFO vouchers can be purchased through our website and our panel dental offices only.

Flossing helps you by getting all the bad bugs and diseases germs out from below the gums, so you can prevent future ones from taking over. It may help in stopping bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, preventing cavities, prevent supporting bone loss etc. Every case is different, so please ask our panel dentists when you visit them for our flossing sessions and they would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Since every case is different, your dentist or Hygienist can tell you based on your situation if you may need 4 or more sessions of flossing. If you need more, all you will need to do is, log in on to your patient portal on and purchase more vouchers.

There are strictly no refunds, credits etc due to the rock bottom prices which our panel of dentist’s have agreed to accept in full. $99 for 4 flossing sessions. That is $25 per session. It is up to you as a patient to utilize this flossing service to your benefit.

There are no refunds. All sales are final. Once you start with the 4 flossing sessions at the office you had selected, it is up to you to get all 4 sessions completed at that particular office. If you do not wish to do so and decide to go to another office, you will need to select another office of your choice , pay the $99 for 4 flossing sessions in that office and get it done over there. In this office with the remaining 3 you may choose to use it or forfeit it. You may address the issue to the owner dentist and see if they wish to return any monies. It is up to each dentist to decide if flossing is right for you based on your dental situation.

Due to the many variable nature involved in flossing, SSOLFO cannot give you any guarantees on the outcome of flossing, its quality, how the dentist of hygienist works etc nor does SSOLFO get involved. Everyone works different and this is the way Humans are. If there is any issue please address it to the dentist or Hygienist then and there and get your problems rectified while in office with the owner Dentist, NOT Later on after leaving that office.

Our policy is very straightforward and open with both patients and dental offices- NO refunds for any reason due to the already rock bottom prices our Dentist panel is accepting. We at SSOLFO do not get involved nor are we responsible in any way or form.

This is up to the discretion of the owner dentist. Each office is independently owned and operated. We do not have any say in it nor do SSOLFO get involved.

You cannot use any ones voucher other than your own. Each voucher is tracked with a special number and your details along with the dentist you had selected. Each office will check your government issued photo ID at each visit. They already have a copy of your exact voucher so does SSOLFO. We are protecting you and others in the process. This prevents misunderstandings. Each voucher is for that specific one patient only. The voucher is non transferable, non cancellable, non exchangeable, no credit issued for lost, stolen, partially used or never used cards, not redeemable for cash and not valid with or in combination with any other offer or any solicitation.