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As we all know Life is too complex. To top it off It has been further complicated by all of us as Humans. Prevention should not be one of them to be on the complicated list. So, We are doing our part to make it easy for you to venture on the preventive side of your Oral Health. Oral and systemic health are interconnected. It is a part and parcel of the same body, yours. So you are the captain of your ship. So why not take care of it. If you do not take care of your body, no one else will. Do you know anyone who will ? We are just showing you the path to take the first steps towards preventive dentistry. We are just showing you the path to taking the first steps towards preventive dentistry. We are doing our part. But you need to take those first steps. Only you can do it. One baby step at a time. This is how many feats are achieved.

We have all heard the following saying many times:
1. Prevention is better than cure
2. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure
3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Do you know, how many of us follow this on a daily basis. Probably none. We are very busy with our fast paced daily lives to be concerned about prevention. In the end we pay the price of our mistakes which are often expensive and painful. If we bite into an apple and if we were having severe gum disease, the teeth would most likely would come off of with the apple. From then on we can forget about ever having an apple in the future because we have nothing left to chew on or to chew with. Imagine the picture of a pretty model in a blown up ad in Times square with just one front tooth missing. This is where the importance of teeth comes into the picture. Most of us have gum disease and are not even aware of it. Because it works silently into the dark until it becomes irreversible which is futile to treat. No one is free of it and no one can run away from it. The only thing we can possibly do is to prevent it in the first place and secondly to treat it early on if it has already shown its face. We are all ideal candidates for gum disease. All of us have it . The only difference is which stage each of us are in - either mild, moderate or severe. So it pays to get it checked out. In a floss-shell, prevention pays you many times over with very little investment of your time, money, energy and your effort. So use prevention to the fullest and put it to good use.