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Our panel of Dentist's and their Hygienists form the main component of our partnership with you as the patient and their team as the provider of flossing services. They have agreed to accept the pricing of $99 for 4 flossing visits exclusively for you. You have one year to get all 4 flossing visits completed. Your vouches expires one year from issue date. It is your responsibility to do your part to take care of your oral health and they will be doing their part in providing you with the flossing service, educating you and showing you on how to do it on a regular basis. Flossing diagrams are available for you to browse and get educated on the benefits of flossing.You can also print these flossing diagrams for free.

Our panel of Dentist's and Hygienists are committed to preventive dentistry. More houses are being built on weak or compromised foundations in dentistry. Without a strong foundation no building can stand its ground. The same applies to teeth, bridges or houses. We have been conditioned by ads to look great but no ad shows the effects of gum disease which is prevalent at some stage in all of us - mild , moderate or severe. There is a huge disconnect between prevention through flossing and the progression to gum disease. Why wait when you have all the resources for prevention in your doorstep. We can only show you the path to a dentist. It's your call after that.

Please note that either the Dentist or the Hygienist will be flossing for you based on their availability during your appointment time. It is entirely at the discretion of the dentist on who will be doing the flossing for you.

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