Flossing is the most basic aspect of Oral Hygiene.In our society we find that no one knows how to floss right because no one was taught on how to do it nor be advised to floss on a daily basis, let alone to floss right. This age old ritual continues to do this day. To do flossing right one has to know more than the anatomy of each tooth above the gums and the root structure that it is attached to extending below the gum level. Flossing is also very highly technique sensitive.

Preventive Dentistry by way of flossing has been completely neglected. But it has everything to do with flossing, we literally mean everything. This is mainly due to the lack of any incentive in our age old healthcare system for the Oral Healthcare Professional in pursuing prevention. Hence beautiful houses are being built on compromised or unhealthy foundations.

We are a team of Dentist’s in practice with 30 plus years experience. We have been flossing for patients on their behalf for that amount of time. We have also been preaching flossing to our patients in addition to showing them on doing it correctly. But the messages do not seem to get through. Thus we have come up with this idea for us to Floss for the patients since patients are seldom doing it.
We have developed this service in order to connect Dentists and patients. Our main purpose is to fight and disconnect disease with prevention through flossing.This is where our panel of Dentists and Hygienists physically DO flossing for you in your mouth. Thus Our caption: “WE FLOSS FOR YOU”. Flossing must be done by professionals who are trained to do so to get it done right.

They will show you how to floss, teach you the techniques of flossing and even give you instructions on how to floss in your home or office. This will give new life to the preventive aspect of Dentistry. Without prevention, the most beautiful homes have fallen and will continue to collapse.

Education or the lack of it makes a big difference in ones life. This is why we are providing you with flossing diagrams which are FREE to print.

Our society has been conditioned ONLY on looks and not on health. We see advertisements showing beautiful teeth with NO effort made to point out gum disease that is prevalent in 100 % of the population. Everyone has gum disease – The only difference is the stages they are in – it is either mild, moderate or severe. There is no in between and No one is free of it.
So it is to each patients benefit and to the benefit of society to utilize this service to the fullest. It may save a tooth or two. It also serves the Dentist or Hygienist the responsibility to provide this service to his or her patients the added benefit of prevention through flossing. Flossing is not be all end all. The patient must still see their Dentist every 3 months in order to maintain a satisfactory Dental bill of Health.

So investing in your oral health pays you dividends for a life time. It’s not just stocks that do that. Remember you will need your choppers to the end.

In life we don’t realize the value of teeth or gums until we are faced with the fact of losing it or having already lost it. So plan ahead to hold on to it for the life of it and yours.

Invest in your teeth and gums. It’s far more valuable than diamond.